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S/Y Maltese Falcon

maintenance, repairs & painting

Multimarine Shipyards hosted one of the most iconic yachts, the Perini Navi SY Maltese Falcon, for maintenance, repairs and painting in its modern shipyard that includes the floating dock ERENEOS in Limassol Port, Cyprus.

The SY Maltese Falcon has undergone repairs below waterline, followed by epoxy touch up, primer and finished with Transoceanic antifouling.

In parallel to the above works, the topsides painting was done in an enclosed space created by scaffolding and a shrink wrap tent of 2000m2 erected by Multimarine Shipyards team to create an internal airconditioned tent to control the environment surrounding the surface before commencing with the paint application.

Work Completed:

  • Complete engineering service: valves overhauling, thruster overhauling, generators service, various hydraulic parts service, pumps overhauling and repairs, tail shafts machining and repairs, propellers polishing, anchor chains hot dip galvanization and various other repairs and tank cleaning works.
  • Hull Treatment: surface preparation with anti-fouling, topsides painting with scaffolding and shrink wrap tent erection
  • Accommodations areas: various repairs and modifications

Based in the port of Limassol, Multimarine Shipyards operates the floating dry-dock “ERENEOS” with Overall Length 120m, Clear Width 27m and Lifting Capacity of 7,100MT to safely accommodate your superyacht. It also provides quayside facilities for afloat repairs and maintenance.

Multimarine MalteseFalcon vertical
Multimarine MalteseFalcon 2