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Limassol Overview

The second biggest city of Cyprus after Nicosia, Limassol is also known by the name of Lemesos or Leymosun. This port-city is located in the Gulf Akrotiri on the Southern coast of the island and it is the capital of the district with the same name

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The marina that has a great importance for the city, from both a touristic and a commercial point of view, is one of the busiest marinas in the Mediterranean Sea. Limassol is famous for its cultural traditions and for the Cyprus University of Technology and it attracts a great number of tourists each year, thanks to the interesting objectives, the sea, the beautiful marina, the great number of museums and archaeological sites that are open to the public. The city is extremely busy during the summer and it offers its tourists a combination of luxurious places and historical sights. Limassol’s construction began 4000 years ago, in the times of the Byzantine rule, between the two important cities at that time: Amathus and Kourion.

The original name of the city was Neapolis which means “the new city”. Today, this important city has extended throughout the Eastern coast, reaching Amathus. On the West side of the city the military base of the Great Britain was built, under the name of Akrotiri and Episkopi. Limassol has a subtropical-Mediterranean climate with long, hot and dry summers that last for approximatively 8 months. The luxurious ports of the city, the long, golden beaches and the legendary attractions have increased the development rate in this part of the Republic of Cyprus, where the economy is stable and sustainable. The tourists are offered a wide range of services here and the best wines and brandies in Cyprus, thanks to the wine companies that have won many awards on an international level. The modern town is extremely important for the welfare of this region, due to the 350 industrial units and the 90 industry wares.

The old port and the new port of Limassol are of a great importance for the travellers and the commercial field. This rich and enchanting city is perfect for active people who enjoy visiting, walking, hiking, admiring beautiful landscapes and for those who appreciate the Cypriot culture and traditions. Although the historical line is not that obvious because of the innovations that took place here, the tourists can visit the main landmarks in order to discover the ancient roots of the city’s beauty. Therefore, one of the nine castles that Cyprus owns can be visited in Limassol, as well as the cannons and wood carvings from the 17th-18th century.

The statues, the suits of armours, the glass and marble art crafts can be seen within the museum in the castle. Also, the archaeological museum offers a historical point of view for the explorers who are interested to see the collection of antiquities from the Neolithic Age to the Roman period. The Folk Art Museum is one of the most beautiful locations from a cultural point of view, being represented by an ancient house which exposes national objects. The public gardens and the Towers of Limassol offer the tourists beautiful panoramas. The busy city of Limassol is one of the most appreciated vacation destinations in Cyprus, worth seeing in every season of the year.

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Limassol Marina

Limassol Marina is situated in the bay of Limassol, a short stroll away from the heart of Limassol city and 6km away from Multimarine Shipyards.

The marina has berthing facilities for 650 yachts of various sizes. Berths range from 8m to 115m. Draft ranges from 3.5m to 9m.

“With a blend of picturesque scenery, elegant residences and a wide range of facilities, Limassol Marina is the most popular coastal resort in Cyprus. It offers safe mooring all year round, as the yachting season is quite limitless; having 14 degrees as an average temperature in winter. Beyond the bustling city, the visitors are welcome by the idyllic villages, historic landmarks and secluded beaches. Being located in the most cosmopolitan city in Cyprus, tourists can visit the ancient monuments and museums, wander the dusted alleys of the busy markets and have fun going to exuberant festivals. If you are looking for relaxation you can attend the luxurious spas of the premium hotels or visit the fashionable boutiques and art galleries. If you want to spend your day on the charming sandy beaches you can choose from a wide range of water sports – from water-skiing and wind-surfing to scuba-diving, sailing and fishing. Golf courses are also available in the proximity to the marina.”